This is what happened when the March for Our Lives came to St Andrews

This is the first march against American gun violence held at a British university

Here’s how you can find you soulmate for £3 and donate to charity at the same time

You can even bribe them for a better match

There’s going to be a vote on another week of strikes in April

The UCU dispute has not yet been solved and ‘it looks probable that further strike action will commence’

Breaking: The Union are getting rid of Pablos

It’s the end of the world as we know it

Why can’t we give vegans a break?

Disclaimer: I’m not vegan

Developments in the Duncan Sim missing persons case

Police are appealing after sightings of a man in the Kinkell Braes area near East Sands at around 3am

Former Director of School of Economics and Finance prepares to hand herself into Police

Former Catalan minister who returned to Scotland in October had her arrest warrant issued on Friday

The struggles of being an openly LGBT+ Christian

And what we can learn from them


From laminated red bucket hats, charity shop looks that would not look out of place in Macklemore’s thrift shop, to pieces that conjured up images of a reimagined Midsummer’s night dream, CATWALK had it all.

St. Andrews ranks in Top Ten for Student Experience in the UK

The Times Higher Education survey has placed us amongst some of the top in the country

These are this year’s best dressed from Catwalk Fashion Show

They’re what you wish you could look like on the union every Saturday night

MISSING STUDENT: Duncan Sim last seen Wednesday night

If you saw him or have information call police immediately saying you have information on a missing person- Duncan is featured on the right in the photo

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Promise we won’t send you dick pics x

Breaking: St Andrews has rejected the UUK offer to end strikes

This means that strikes will probably continue

Can The Bubble come down into the real world please?

Sweetie, your elitism is showing

Women in Work’s EDEN: In Review

Look at those raffle prizes though

Happy International Women’s Day, your lecture on gender history has been cancelled

This is due to strike action

The snow is gone, but the memories of St Andrews in it are here to stay

There really is snow place like home

This candidate for union president wants to ‘personally cancel all creepy old men at the Vic’

He doesn’t have a manifesto but a ‘peoplefesto’ to avoid offence

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