St. Andrews is opening a £150,000 ‘Student Health Hub’

It’ll create 7,000 new appointments for students per year

I gave up shampoo for a month and here’s what happened

St Andrews is by the sea so really it’s beachy waves from now on

I’ve gone 20 years without wearing makeup, and you can go without it too

For starters, it’s a huge timesaver

Voluntourism: giving or taking?

The uncomfortable truth about volunteering overseas.

St. Andrews places in Top 100 universities in the world

We remain in the Top 100, although drop four places

We sat down with The Other Guys for a very candid, exclusive interview

Talking all things alumni, singing for J.J. Abrams and upcoming Royal Wedding performances…

Here’s why we should give up on renting and live in a camper van

You could buy a new camper van for less than you’ve paid in four years’ rent

Here’s the most popular St Feuddrews posts this semester

You have no idea how many ‘St Andrews Halls as’ posts I had to scroll through to find these

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