What people who’ve done a year abroad wished they’d brought with them

‘Basic knowledge of Scottish slang. Saying ‘pants’ is weird here. ‘

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It’s ends mate.

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St. Andrews goes for Gold

Massive clickbait alert

Barack Obama was in St. Andrews but you were at home in Guilford

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First year student faces trial for coercing sexually explicit images from underage girls

Student faces trial for extorting sexually explicit images and videos from underage girls between September 2015 and June 2016.

St. Andrews ranked third in the country by The Guardian

Beat Edinburgh by 27 places. No big deal.

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St Andrews gets best ever ranking at third in the UK

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So what if it’s called Horse Hockey? The charity tournament shows we can accept we’re just a little bit posh

Meet the new sport taking over universities: quidditch

Every wanted to feel the wind blowing through your hair on top of a broomstick? This is the closest thing you’ll get to that, ya cheeky muggle

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The group reveals their guiding beliefs, the story behind the assault after their Results Night social and their protection by university security

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