How to dine out cheaply in St Andrews

I love restaurant food but my overdraft does not

Strictly comes to St Andrews

SEVEN all round we think

Things you’ll definitely know if you have lived in DRA

It’s all worth it for the double bed and en-suite.

Here’s what you can do to help your friend struggling with depression

According to a trained psychotherapist


Elaga, a triumph or just a mud bath?

Did it live up to the hype?

Here are the best dressed people from Elaga 2018

One guy even dressed as a tourist

There’s going to be a vote on another week of strikes in April

The UCU dispute has not yet been solved and ‘it looks probable that further strike action will commence’

Why can’t we give vegans a break?

Disclaimer: I’m not vegan


From laminated red bucket hats, charity shop looks that would not look out of place in Macklemore’s thrift shop, to pieces that conjured up images of a reimagined Midsummer’s night dream, CATWALK had it all.

Here’s how to get news from The Tab St Andrews straight to your WhatsApp

Promise we won’t send you dick pics x

Women in Work’s EDEN: In Review

Look at those raffle prizes though

Happy International Women’s Day, your lecture on gender history has been cancelled

This is due to strike action

We interviewed Women in Work to find out exactly what they’re about

Turns out organising events isn’t as easy as it looks

These are all the people you’ll meet during group projects

… or hopefully not

What has Srdja Popovic done since he was elected?

Quite a lot, tbh,

Don’t Walk: Don’t hesitate to call it the best event we’ve been to this year

This year’s Don’t Walk was an organisation triumph

Best Dressed: Don’t Walk Charity Fashion Show 2018

Did you make the list?

FS: In Review

Back again for another year of fashion, charity and champagne-fuelled debauchery.

Here’s what you as a student can do to support the lecturers’ strike

You don’t even have to leave your bedroom

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