17 memes that will just make sense to St Andrews students

Come and procrastinate with us

Whether you are in your first term at St Andrews or quickly approaching your last term, these 21 memes will make sense to every St Andrews student.

Some think that this is the time to prepare for winter deadlines and impending exams, however these 21 memes give you the perfect excuse to procrastinate.

Here’s a round-up of the best:

1. Have heard more from Sally this year than my own family

2. They’re way way way too ballsy

3. Unlocked a whole new level of achievement

4. Super productive study session ahead

5. No one else in this house pulling their weight tbh

6. If you don’t see a Saints fleece did you even attend your lecture?

7.  Gotta time the Pret run appropriately

8. Spare a thought for Sallies students

9. All heading to Dervish

10. We all know someone who still calls it euro-dam

11. In dire need pls need to fund my online shopping addiction

12. Unacceptable, plz do better

13. Taste and Northpoint see me daily at this point

14. Top quality dating here gals x

15. But for £450 pcm I’m not complaining

16. Think I’m owed a first ngl

17. Every. Single. Day.

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All memes via @thetabstandrews

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