St Andrews uni launches new reporting tool to tackle ‘discrimination and harm’

It will include a secure channel for making named or anonymous reports

St Andrews University just announced the launch of a new reporting tool to support a community-centred approach to inclusion and diversity.

The Report + Support tool provides access to support regarding harassment, abuse, sexual violence and discrimination of any kind, a reporting route for welfare concerns and a secure channel for making named or anonymous reports.

All employees, students and members of the public can use Report + Support to report complaints or concerns to the University and access support information.

The Report + Support initiative is a partnership between the University and the Students’ Association.

The University Communications Office said: “The initiative builds on the University’s Social Responsibility strategy, and represents the next step in efforts to do better by empowering the whole community.”

This follows other successful University-led community initiatives including the University’s Community Fund which “is providing financial support to local organisations” and the University’s Community Engagement and Social Responsibility Officer who “is working to strengthen networks and ensure the University’s impact is consistently positive”. Over 600 St Andrews students also volunteer nationally and internationally.

The University said Report + Support means “any member of the community can go online to stand up to unacceptable behaviour, to raise concerns about a student’s wellbeing, or to feedback on safety issues”.

They also said: “Issues reported using the new online system will allow the University to understand trends, identify gaps in service provision, and take evidence-based action – for example, providing training, communication campaigns or increased Security and Response patrols.

“Report + Support will also promote transparency by allowing the University to benchmark issues which may previously have been invisible or unreported.”

Assistance Vice-Principal (Diversity) Professor Ruth Woodfield said: “We want to do all we can to help uphold the values that make St Andrews special – diversity, inclusion, safety and respect. That means supporting each other to take responsibility for how students and staff are treated, learning from each other, and offering support to anyone who needs it.

“Better reporting will help us to get an accurate picture of what’s happening at the University. We will be able to capture every opportunity to do better, and to signpost help and resources.

“You can make a report by giving your personal details, which will enable advisers to make contact and offer advice on next steps. Or you can also make a report anonymously. For anonymous reporting, we won’t be able to contact you but would encourage you to use the resources available on the platform.”

Students’ Association Director of Wellbeing Emma Walsh said: “Report + Support gives us all an accessible and user-friendly way to make the University aware of the most pressing issues. The new system will work to create a town that is safer and more accepting for students, staff and locals throughout.”

Report + Support does not replace current reporting channels, but provides an additional route for reporting. It is also important to be aware that Report + Support cannot provide an immediate response to urgent concerns or ongoing incidents. If there is an immediate risk of serious harm call the emergency services on 999.

The Report + Support platform is available at:

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