St Andrews students urged not to go home or on holiday over reading week

The University said ‘this isn’t a request to observe a lockdown’

St Andrews students have been asked to stay in St Andrews during their Independent Learning Week.

In an email, the University said “this isn’t a request to observe a lockdown or any new restriction, you are always free to come and go as you please.”

The University said: “While we appreciate the temptation to use this week to take a holiday or return home to spend some time with friends and loved ones, we are appealing to you to remain in St. Andrews and the surrounding area if you possibly can.”

“We’re simply asking you to think about what you’ve achieved as individuals and as a community in the last few weeks, and what is at stake if the virus comes back into St Andrews in a significant way.”

The email reminded students to be aware of the “current Scottish Government restrictions on mixing with other households“.

The email also updated students on the progress of the “Can Do programme” created by the University, the Students’ Association, and the Athletic Union.

Independent Learning Week starts on 19 October and provides  “an opportunity to catch up on coursework and for extra-curricular and co-curricular activity.”

Regarding the ‘Can Do’ initiative, the University said: “Work is nearly finished on a large marquee on Lower College lawn and a programme of activities led by student societies, sports clubs, University service units and Schools and a Can Do guide will be launched shortly.

“We know how difficult this is, and we will do all we can to support you. We hope you stay in St Andrews through Independent Learning Week and beyond, and help continue to demonstrate that we can overcome the challenges which Covid presents.”

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