PSA: Scottish students can terminate their rent contracts due to coronavirus

You can give seven or 28 days notice depending on your circumstances

Scottish uni students can terminate their tenancy or student let, due to coronavirus.

Under the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No.2) Act 2020, students can terminate their rental contract with seven or 28 days’ notice, depending on your circumstances.

Schedule one, paragraphs two and three of the Act says: “A tenant may, for a reason relating to coronavirus, bring to an end a student residential tenancy by giving to the landlord a notice which fulfils” one of several requirements, which can be found here. It must be in writing.

This comes after Scottish uni students last night were advised not to go to pubs, parties or restaurants in an attempt to reduce Covid outbreaks at universities.

These new COVID restrictions, banning students from meeting other households indoors, now also apply to their own families. This means students must stay in the households they have formed at university, so it is illegal for you to see your family.

There have been 12 cases of coronavirus at St Andrews University since the start of September, the Principal confirmed last night. Over 40 are now isolating, due to a halls party in Freshers’ Week. Last weekend, St Andrews students were urged to go into “voluntary lockdown“, with their Principal saying it was “pre-emptive and proactive action”.

Coronavirus cases are rising across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Glasgow Uni has 124 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and 600 students are self-isolating, although Uni officials said there are “likely to be more”. Earlier this week, The Tab Glasgow reported three Glasgow University accommodations have had COVID-19 infections.

500 students in Dundee are having to self-isolate in their halls, after a single student tested positive for coronavirus at Abertay Uni.

In Aberdeen, a number of students have tested positive for coronavirus – including some in a block of halls. The entirety of the block now has to isolate for 14 days.

There are also cases of coronavirus at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh; Edinburgh Napier; Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen; and Stirling.

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It’s now illegal for Scottish students to see their own families

It’s now illegal for Scottish students to see their own families