Scottish uni students are now being banned from going to the pub

No more blueberry mojitos from The Saint

Students have been advised not to go to pubs, parties or restaurants in an attempt to reduce Covid outbreaks at Scottish universities.

Hundreds of students have tested positive at unis across Scotland, with many more opting to self-isolate. In St Andrews alone there have been 12 confirmed cases since students returned in September, and at Glasgow Uni 600 students are currently self-isolating in halls.

All universities must “make absolutely clear to students that there must be no parties, and no socialising outside their households”.

Under the new rules, Scottish students are also banned from going back home, as two households are not allowed to mix.

These new guidelines come after St Andrews students participated in a “voluntary lockdown” last weekend.

Students have also been warned that breaking the new rules “will not be tolerated”.

These stricter guidelines were announced after opposition leaders criticised First Minister Nicola Sturgeon noting a “basic failure” to foresee the issue and increase testing provisions for Scottish universities.

An email from the Principal said: “Please do not meet people from any other households in your home or flat, or another person’s home or flat socially.

“This is no longer a request from the University for voluntary restrictions on household visits and parties”.

“All universities in Scotland are asking students to agree not to visit pubs, bars or restaurants.

“An important exception to this request are students who work in hospitality establishments. Please do continue to go to work.”

Police Scotland will be monitoring student behaviour off-campus and in private accommodation and private accommodation will also be urged to enforce the guidance.

As another precaution, students will be required to download the Protect Scotland app.

The guidance says: “We will take a strict ‘Yellow Card/Red Card’ approach to breaches of student discipline that put students and others at risk.

“While we first want to advise students about breaches of discipline, we will not hesitate to escalate this to disciplinary action including potential discontinuation of study.”

The Principal said in her email: “I wish I did not have to ask you all again to observe a voluntary lockdown, but if we do not act now as a community and a country, Covid may ensure that any lockdown is no longer voluntary, and much more far-reaching than the measures I have detailed above.”

Universities Scotland said the new guidance agreed with the Scottish government was a “necessary step at this crucial moment of managing the virus in the student population, to protect students and the wider community”.

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