St Andrews Uni is asking all students to take a voluntary lockdown from 7pm today

The lockdown will last the whole weekend


In an email from the university’s Principal this afternoon, St Andrews students have been encouraged to participate in a voluntary lockdown from 7pm this evening, lasting the whole weekend.

Students were told “to remain in your rooms as much as possible”.

The Principal said: “There is no evidence that the virus is surging in our community,” but said “early intervention is key, and hours make a difference”.

The email to St Andrews students from the Principal said: “It is now very clear that rates of Covid infection are surging again in various parts of this country, and it is very likely that we are very close to a form of further national lockdown.”

It continued: “In these circumstances, I am writing to all of our students to ask you to please observe a voluntary lockdown this weekend, effective from 7pm this evening.”

It encouraged students “to remain in your rooms as much as possible, not to party, not to go to bars or restaurants, and to avoid mixing with any groups outside your own households.”

The email also said: “In addition to my request to you to observe these voluntary restrictions, we have also decided that all events planned for this weekend should be postponed.

“This will affect all planned sports activity, society activity and events at the Byre Theatre, Main Library and Chapel.”

Principal Mapstone said: “I must stress that this is pre-emptive and proactive action. There is no evidence that the virus is surging in our community. Rather it is because as a country we are now in a very fast-moving phase where early intervention is key, and hours make a difference.”

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