St Andrews students could face expulsion if they break COVID rules

Over 60 cases have been reported to the uni

St Andrews students will face disciplinary action if they break covid rules, the University Proctor has said in an email. Disciplinary action ranges “from fines to expulsion”.

There are over 60 cases of students breeching the University “Covid Code” now facing disciplinary action.

Two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in St Andrews involving a student and a member of staff.

The University “Covid Code” sets out “clear expectations about mask-wearing, social distancing, self-isolation and respecting public health guidance” for students.

In the past week, students have organised beach bonfires and house parties against Scottish government guidelines, with police showing up to disperse gatherings.

The University Proctor, Clare Peddie said in an email on Wednesday: “Covid kills people. It’s not some distant threat. Levels of infection are rising across the UK, and the country is at a tipping point again. If they rise in St Andrews, we can expect to be subject to lockdown and significantly greater restrictions than is already the case.”

In an email on Thursday, Principle Sally Mapstone announced a student and a member of staff had tested positive for Covid-19.

The email said: “It is thought that the infections were acquired outside the Fife area” and that both have been isolating since their symptoms appeared.

Mapstone also said: “The NHS has said that the risk of onward transmission to the local community is low.”

As of tomorrow, Scottish guidelines for gatherings has been limited to a maximum of six people from no more than two households both inside and outside.

The University has made it clear that any students not following these new social distancing rules will face disciplinary action.

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