This is what your favourite St Andrews beach says about you

Where you soak up the sea air tells us everything we need to know about you

St Andrews is home to three beautiful beaches which cater for all the students in St Andrews whether you identify as a sunrise swimmer, a midday stroller or a sunset seeker. 

However, as beautiful as they all are, each student generally has a favourite which can be used, with the help of this article, to identify some of your friend’s characteristic traits that you may or may not already know.

West Sands

The longest of the three beaches is certainly the favourite of athletes. It is an ideal running route for those looking to run a 5km and beach volleyball players are often seen sweating it out on the sands.

While all three beaches are very picturesque, the view of The Scores, The Old Course and the seaside sunset makes it a hotspot for photographers and frequent Instagrammers.

The beach is also particularly popular with dog walkers and for horse riding. If your favourite beach is West Sands you probably have a soft spot for animals.

Castle Sands

As a quiet spot for reading or an afternoon dip in the North Sea, Castle Sands is the smallest of the three beaches but is a firm favourite for a lot of students.

Its central location makes it an interesting spot for lunch between lectures for Arts students with lectures and tutorials on the Scores or in the Quad.

If Castle Sands is your favourite, you’re probably pretty adventurous as most visitors go for a north sea swim in St Andrews’ coastal swimming pool.

East Sands

Unlike the other two beaches, East Sands is not known for its views but rather its potential for activities and socials.

Home of the infamous May Dip, the Sunday Pier Walks, Watersports and Bonfires, if East Sands is your favourite beach you are the life of the party. You probably treasure the memories that you made at the beach rather than its location.

East Sands is both the prime location for sunrise and part of the Fife Coastal Path so if it’s your favourite you’re an early bird or keen explorer who has experienced the beach’s full potential. 

There you have it, a comprehensive guide to the meaning behind your favourite St Andrews beach.

Hopefully, you were able to learn a little more about yourself and your friends based on their St Andrews beach of choice!

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