Trips from St Andrews: Scotland’s north coast is a gem that deserves to sparkle

Durness is part of the East Coast 500

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As lockdown in Scotland begins to ease and we see the sun a wee bit more often than usual, it was time to start brainstorming ideas for a staycation. Camping, of course, was the go-to option. I set off, with a small group of friends from Dundee, for the small village of Durness – the most North-Westerly village on Mainland Britain.

Ceannabeinne Beach

Camping on one of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland, Durness is the perfect spot for lovers of the outdoors. There are a few beaches in Durness but we camped at Ceannabeinne, where you can also choose to zipline over the beach!

Ben Hope

One of the highlights of being so far north is that you can hike Ben Hope, which is the most northerly Munro on the mainland. On a clear day, you can see the Islands of Orkney from the summit. If you are a keen Munro-Bagger then this is not one to miss out on. You will feel very accomplished as you look back on the mountain – as I did.

Smoo Cave

Another recommendation when visiting Durness is Smoo Cave. The cave is believed to have been used 6000 years ago by the earliest settlers in the north and is the largest entrance of any sea cave in the British Isles. Its structure is stunningly beautiful and even on a very wet day is enjoyable.

Of course, when camping in Scotland you also have to enough a nice beverage and watch the sunset (all whilst trying to battle the midges). A bev on the beach with mates is always a great end to a trip.

If lockdown has taught me anything it’s the importance of cherishing simple moments with friends and the beauty of your own country. So when planning your next holiday consider a camping trip in Scotland. You can wild camp or opt for a more luxury experience of a campsite with facilities! Or if camping isn’t your style then there are plenty of lodges and B&B’s to suit any group. It’s a must-do for any St. Andrews student, whether you are a native student or an international student. Enjoy what we have to offer at home and remember to no trace camp!

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