St Andrews has cancelled this semester’s computer science exams because of Covid-19

Computer Science module examinations are cancelled

cancelled coronavirus exams

The School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews has cancelled exams scheduled to take place in May 2020.

Dr Dharini Balasubramaniam, Director of Teaching for the School, sent an email earlier today informing students of the department’s decision to cancel all examinations for semester 2 modules. This comes after student concerns about assessments.








Coursework such as projects and assignments will still go ahead and the department will get in contact with students to clarify revised weightings and module assessment.

This will affect computer science students across all years of study and does not apply to other subjects or schools.

The Tab spoke to second-year Maths student Luca who hopes these measures will be adopted by other schools as well.

According to Luca, ‘with so many lectures being cancelled and this whole stressful situation’ it is ‘unthinkable to expect students to be prepared for exams.’

For more information or queries about Coronavirus, the University has asked that students contact the Coronavirus Helpdesk in the Advice and Support Centre, North Street, [email protected]