Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Don’t Run: the anti-sports social club

Finally a way to go to Sinners without having to exercise

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Confused about the difference between a goal and a try? Dread the thought of running laps? Unsure about what a shuttlecock is exactly?

Don’t worry you’re not alone. And thanks to St Andrews’ latest society, ‘Don’t Run’, you can meet other sports un-enthusiasts like yourself.

Launched by Clemmie (White) and Clemmie (Beale), both second-year History of Art students, the new club celebrates all things anti-sport. Don’t Run offers a safe space for all those unimpressed by sports to finally express their opinions and commiserate over their shared disdain for rugby, football, tennis, you name it.

Clemmie and Clemmie felt they missed out on an integral part of the St Andrews student experience as they did not belong to a sports club and had nowhere to pre for Sinners events on Wednesday nights. Interloping on other sports teams’ socials didn’t help as they didn’t share the passion or interest that the players did.

This sparked their decision to form their own club for likeminded people who did not conform to a sports team but still wanted to enjoy a Wednesday night out.

Running weekly social events, the club offers the opportunity for non-sporty people to get together and socialise over their common interest (realistically: vodka).

Don’t Run does not have requirements and does not discriminate based on ability or fitness level and all are welcome to join and participate. To all those who faked injuries and sick notes to get out of PE, the club seeks to empower students to stop pretending to like sports and rise up against the establishment.

To find out more about Don’t Run and keep an eye on their upcoming socials, find them on Facebook.