You can only say you’ve been on a night out in St Andrews if you’ve done these 7 things

From pricey Pablos to drunken Toasties, here are the highlights of St Andrews nightlife

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Love them or hate them, St Andrews has a certain kind of nightlife. From Pablos to Empire, you can’t deny that going out in our three-streets town is iconic. Here’s a round up of all the things you have to do to go on a true St A night out.

Bought an overpriced Pablo

A St Andrews classic, a Pablo is a VK of your choice with two Vodka shots. They come in various flavours and colours but will set you back £5

Experienced a cheesy 601 bop 

From Boyband to ’80s Bop, 601 has thrown some legendary club nights in St Andrews with classic crowd favourites

Gone too far at Wednesday pres

which often leads to being turned away from the Union. Sports pres and initiations make Hump Day the best night out in town

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Tried a Toastie Bar special 

The St Andrews Baptist Church serves 50p toasties on Friday nights with a unique flavour every week. From chicken nuggets to Biscoff flavoured toasties, ordering a special is a rite of passage

Wandered drunkenly on one of the beaches 

St Andrews is known for its beaches, East, West and Castle Sands, which are popular hotspots for 4am walks or dips in the sea

Ordered greasy chips and gravy from Dervish

Students can be seen flocking to the local Turkish restaurant on a night out to indulge in the greasy chips they promised to never order again

Snuck into the castle

A bucket-list item for any student, jumping the fence and sneaking into St Andrews Castle after hours is a tale well-told around campus