‘I have the body confidence I never thought I would have when I was younger’: Meet this year’s Catwalk models

It’s the only St Andrews fashion show that donates 100% of its profits to charity

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This year fashion show Catwalk took 601 by storm. It’s the only fashion show in St Andrews that promises to give 100% of its profits to charity. It prides itself on being a fun night out and offers an alternative Union version to the St Andrews fashion show experience. The Tab St Andrews had the chance to chat with six of the shows models and asked them everything about being in the show.

Benjamin Heckmann, First Year, Molecular Biology

Are you new to modelling?

“I’ve taken pictures […] I mean I like to photograph landscapes and things like that but actually modelling and having pictures taken of me that’s quite new, yes and I really like, I really enjoy it.”

What’s your funniest Catwalk moment? 

 “Well yesterday, I had a fitting with a furry coat and I’m allergic to fur! [The reaction] only started after wearing the fur and I was like “oh oops, I’m allergic to fur” [laughs] and everyone found that funny!”

Benjamin did tell us that he is fortunately “fine” now. 

Are you nervous for the show?

“No! I feel very confident about our walks and I feel like things are getting well built and arranged properly.” 

Why Catwalk?

I was not aware that there were other fashion shows! I came to catwalk and I, I mean they had a lot of people auditioning. I thought if they have so many people auditioning that it must be really big and must be really awesome.” 

Lourenco Maia, First Year, Biology

Why Catwalk?

“I think it just seemed the most fun out of all of them it was like the least serious and since it was my first year I just wanted to get experience as to what it would be like!” 

Best part of being in the show?

“I think that’s part of what makes catwalk so fun is just like everyones just like a big family so we’re all laughing together and so like anything that does happen that’s funny like its not really embarrassing everyone just kinda like laughs it off … no you just like forget what your walk is or something and then it’s no big deal.” 

Nate Tracy: Fifth Year, International Development 

Why Catwalk?

“It’s like just a big family here. Honestly? It’s a good group of people outside academia and outside, you know sports that I do, and it’s just really fun. I really enjoy it!”

It’s also Nate’s THIRD year being a model. Talk about celeb.

Funniest moment of the show?

 “Actually, so last year, nobody actually noticed this, what happened was I was walking down the stage (it’s probably about I think half way through the first act) and the nerves, the nerves are still getting you right.You’re still a bit jittery and I’m walking out and right when I get to the front where I’m about to go on. It’s me and his girl is next to me and, for some reason, I just like projectile spit like probably like a good like metre or two right in front of me. I don’t think anybody noticed so I hope nobody calls me out on it. Very uncomfortable, the whole experience!”

Any post show treats planned?

Post show treat meal “Ah, so I’ve already got this planned I’m gonna have a box of three Krispy Kreme donuts, right, and then a box of those those  sea shell chocolates, huge box of those, already got them all bought, yeah ready to go, splurge myself right?”

Nate was clear to tell us that he hadn’t done any huge diet for the show: he was just looking forward to the post-show treats.

Katherine Fernelius: Second Year, Psychology 

How does it feel to be a model this year?

‘This is my first year. I saw the fashion show last year and I had such a great time and, I don’t know, I think it’s a different vibe to some of the other fashion shows, a lot more fun, chill. I wanted to get on stage too.’

Any embarrassing moments? 

 “On that stage I get really nervous because I’m scared of heights!”

Dilhan Salgado D’Arcy: Fourth Year, International Relations

You took part last year, why did you join in again?

“I had such a good time last year, everyone’s so friendly, it’s so chilled. This is something completely different. I feel like the social dynamic is really, really informal, it’s like a big family.”

Any cringe moments?

“Only the underwear walk for the boys. They always make us do a really cringey pose, but I hope people might be too excited to notice!”

Emily Clough: Third Year, Medicine 

Why did you decide to do Catwalk in your final year?

“It’s been a really busy year. It’s been so good to have Catwalk on the side. Burnout is a real thing and I needed a distraction! I chose Catwalk as opposed to the others because I want to help as many people as possible and Catwalk was the only show which gave 100% of their profits to charity, which was really important to me.”

Any funny moments?

“My funniest moment was looking at Emilio in a dress, I don’t think my eyes will ever recover. But I think it’s good, he rocked it.”

How do you feel about the show?

“I’m nervous but I’m more excited. I’ve got loads of friends coming and it’s for a good cause.”

Have you done anything special in preparation for the show?

‘I haven’t bothered with any kind of diet. I didn’t always have the healthiest relationship with food. I think [Catwalk] has highlighted stuff to me because I have the body confidence I never thought I would have when I was younger.’