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Grammy-nominated DJ loved St Andrews so much he’s coming back

He told us he’d ‘love to come here every year’

The DJ Crazy Cousinz, who was nominated for a grammy award through his work on the Drake song "One Dance", is coming back to St Andrews for a second time.

We interviewed him on his last visit, where he played at the Fresher's event Starfields. He said he'd "love to come here every year. I might come and pose as a uni student just to come to this party." This obviously hinted that he might return sooner rather than later.

The artist, whose real name is Luke Reid, is one of the UK's leading Funky House DJs. He's played everywhere from Manchester to London to Ibiza…and St Andrews.

He's coming back for a one-off intimate gig at The Vic, for an event being held by The St Andrews Charity Fashion Show. Just 350 people will be able to see Crazy Cousinz, who is known for playing sold-out venues across the UK.

This is the first time that FS have nabbed the Tuesday Vic spot, which is known as the REAL beginning of Refreshers.

James Wearmouth, Head of Music for FS, told The Tab, “after his incredible reception at Starfields it seemed so natural to invite Crazy Cousinz back for the night.

We didn’t want to create the “same old” Vic event which is why general release sold out in half an hour. What you get with Redux is a ticket to see an International DJ perform, catch up with friends and relive those special moments in September."

Crazy Cousinz can be found at The Vic from 10pm. Bring your wavy garms and we'll see you there…

Cover Credit: Sophia Do