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Meet ent.sta: the easiest way to find out what’s happening in St Andrews

Students’ guide to what’s going on in St Andrews

Ent-sta, a new Instagram account, aims to be every student’s go-to way keep up to date with every event taking place in St Andrews.

From bops and house parties to festivals and fashion shows, this Instagram page is your virtual diary for all entertainment options in the Fife coastal town.

Started earlier this year, the intention behind ent-sta is to fill an obvious gap in the market for a compiling St Andrews events. As more and more Freshers arrive without Snapchat and Facebook, this is the way ent-sta hope students will hear about what's going on.

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Events are available through Facebook but there are too many pages and groups to keep track of and follow. The founder of ent.sta discovered that he missed out on several events he would have enjoyed because he was not keeping up with it all.

Ent-sta offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything going on in town. It is a useful tool to remind yourself of event dates and times and features events to appeal to every student in town.

Over the last several weeks, ent-sta has helped students keep track of the vast number of social events taking place around town from Opening Ball to the VS and Oxfam collaboration, ‘Into the Jungle.’

The Instagram page also kept students updated on various upcoming deadlines such as model auditions for the various fashion collectives, such as Sitara, VS, FS, Catwalk and Don’t Walk, and application deadlines for Fight Club.

Ent-sta offers exclusive insight into events through its platform. Through its Instagram Stories and Highlights of bops, house parties and balls, the page allows students to immerse themselves in the experience and also see what various event organisation societies have in store for St Andrews. This sets the page apart as one of the most helpful and useful Instagram pages for students in town.

There are also has big plans in the works for ent-sta’s future. The founder hopes to build a brand complete with videographers and photographers and begin creating vlogs to document student life and night outs in St Andrews for future students. So be careful who you let take pics of you on a night out.

They hope this will inform and inspire future students, giving them in an insight into what St Andrews' student life really means. I mean, someone has to show how a town with three streets can actually be interesting.

Find ent.sta on Instagram at