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Here’s a list of all the things to avoid this refreshers week

DON’T sign for a house with someone you fancy

going out night out

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Don’t sign up to everything in the Refreshers fair

You’ll still be getting emails years later just because you wanted a discount you used twice.

Don’t join the gym

You barely make it to 10am lectures and your New Year's resolution will have failed by spring break, save the money and buy some cheese instead.

Don’t sign up to a module just because you fancy someone in it

No one is paying attention to who is in their 9am, they’re just trying to get though without snoring. They won’t notice you and you’ll be stuck in a random Great Ideas module you HATE.

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Don’t get refreshers flu

It’s crueler second time round when your body is weary from semester one and still recovering from your Christmas to NYE alcoholism.

Don’t sign up to a module just because it doesn’t have 9ams

You’ll end up missing the 10ams anyway for a module you’re not even interested in, massive waste of time and energy.

Don’t not go out because you have a 9am

You would have missed it anyway and you only get 4 refreshers weeks.

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Don’t forget to line your stomach before you go out

You haven’t had a St Andrews night out in a while so your tolerance will be low and your mates will not appreciate you being banned from the union when they want a cheap night out. Also the fine is HEFTY.

Don’t forget we actually have lectures in refreshers

This is not the same as the blissful week of drinking all night and sleeping all day in September

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Don’t forget your coat

It's Scotland and it's winter, need I say more?

Don’t pay to put your coat in the cloakroom

Shove it behind the radiator in main bar, its free and you’ll have the added perk of a warm jacket at the end of the night

Don’t eat out the whole house when you get home

A hangover is so much worse when you don’t have any food to muster your energy

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Don’t spend your student loan in the sales

You’ve only just clawed your way out of your overdraft.

Don't spend your student loan on the module textbooks

You'll end up selling a mint condition, unused book back to Blackwell's this time next year for 30% the price you paid for it.

Don’t wait until all the house listings are out and you’re forced to move back into halls

But don’t settle for sharing a bathroom with 5 other people and paying £700 pcm.

Don't wear heels

This is just a free bit of life advice, going home at 1am because your feet hurt is never a good end to a night.

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Don’t post all your blurry pictures from the night before

You will regret it when your crush sees you ripped your jeans and vomited on your own hair.

Don’t say no to going out with new people

That clingy mate you made in fresher’s week will hang around forever if you don’t shake them off now.

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Don’t tell all your uni mates everything you did with your home mates over Christmas

No one has met your home mates and no one cares, they saw your Snapchat story.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit your friends in other halls

This may be the last time you will be invited into halls unless you go home with a fresher next year … or the year after.