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‘Don’t force me to erase my identity’: St Fessdrews post ignites online feud about colonialism

The post has four love reacts

A post on St Andrews' anonymous posting site 'St Fessdrews' has started a discussion about colonialism and racism within St Andrews.

The poster wrote that colonialism is not their fault and they did not "colonise, kill or murder anyone." They have accused society of attempting to "erase their identity" as British.

The full post reads: "Look. I get that Colonialism was bad. but let me set this out for you. I DID NOT COLONISE, KILL OR MURDER ANYONE; please do not force me to erase my identity and heritage to wash away historical guilt. I'm not guilty of anything. I'm proud to be British."

The post has received 22 likes and 30 comments, with commenters largely criticising the original poster. The post has received just two 'angry' reacts and has been liked 22 times.

A majority of commenters have argued the original poster has clearly not taken a number of university modules which present ideas about colonialism. These include the first-year Social Anthropology Module SA1001 and the third year Modern History MO3523.

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Others have criticised the poster for not being aware of racism and links this with colonialism.

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Another comment read: "You still benefit from the tremendous wealth imperialism built, and other nations still suffer the results of their plundering. That's still on all of us as members of the body politic of imperialist nations, to say nothing of the racism that still thrives in Europe and the US."

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The St Andrews Tab has contacted the university African-Caribbean Society (ACS) for comment. The society regularly holds discussions about the nature of 'institutional racism' in the UK.

If you feel you have been offended by these posts and want to speak to someone, you can find details for student services here.