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The Athletics Union has donated hundreds of pounds worth of presents to a local children’s hospital

The team donated presents to Ninewells Children’s Ward

The Athletic Union events team has donated over 60 presents to children staying at Ninewells Hospital over Christmas.

On Tuesday 3rd December, the events team went to Ninewells to deliver their selection of presents. Presents bought with the money raised include Fortnite monopoly, teddies, LOL dolls, and headphones.

The appeal raised the bulk of their money through the sale of Sinners tickets. On the last Sinners of term, clubs could choose to pay an extra pound towards the cost of a ticket. The AU raised £315, from these optional donations, which they used to buy presents. However, most of the presents donated were given directly by the clubs who selected what they wanted to donate.

Ward 29, the Ninewells Children's Ward, caters for all children up to the age of 18 with an inpatient and outpatient facility.

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The presents that were donated and bought by the AU will be used to create stockings or given to inpatients on Christmas Day to make sure everyone has something to open.

This year the campaign tripled the number of gifts donated from last year. After an extremely successful year, they will also be running the campaign next year starting in November.

The organiser of the campaign Holly Hetherington told The Tab "I'm always so impressed with how generous St Andrews students are when you ask them to rally around a cause. This is something really close to my heart, having organised it for a number of years. I think it is so important to realise how fortunate we are and give back."