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Here are the best festive looks at this year’s Christmas Ball

Jealous of the people who actually remembered to take photos in Kinkell

Every year Christmas Ball packs out Kinkell Byre with 2000 guests, ready to break down for the last big party of the year. The event is known as a wild ride for fashion, with students wearing everything from themed bow ties to fairy lights to honour the occasion.

Hundreds of students gather in their festive best to party all night to the best cheesy anthems. Comfort is not key and students were keen to show their dressy side for the event.

Long or short dress is the debate which takes over every group chat. We don't have the definitive answer but we have rounded the best bunch of the bunch, who killed looks at both Kinkell and pres.

Tyler, fourth year and Evie, first year

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Siobhan and Adya, both second year

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Allina, fourth year

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Steph, fourth year

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Dil, fourth year

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Verity, fourth year

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Holly, fourth year

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Isobel and Sanger, fourth year

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Cover Credit: Siobhan Ali