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What does your favourite St Andrews coffee shop say about you?

Where you drink your coffee tells us everything we need to know about you

St Andrews is home to a myriad of coffee shops, handy for students addicted to caffeine and in constant need of a hot drink to help burn the midnight oil or just as a rough tutorial pick-me-up.

But where you get your beverage explains a lot about you, from the type of person you are to the type of drink you’re likely to order.

So, in order to help you get to know yourself and your mates a little bit better, here’s a rough guide to what your favourite coffee shop tells the world about your personality.

Starbucks & Costa

You know what you like; you’ve been going to the same place for years and you’re happy knowing that you can order the exact drink you want no matter where you are. You love a seasonal drink – autumn and Christmas are your favourite coffee drinking months – or you’re not a hot beverage drinker and your just here for the smoothies/frappuccinos.

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You're a creature of habit and probably only eat cheese and ham sandwiches and tomato soup. Your coffee of choice is obviously a flat white and you know what you're about. A basic bitch but you get your business DONE.

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Chances are you’re in here on a first date or nursing a hangover. It's loud enough for your flirty conversation not to be overheard, but quiet enough to enjoy despite your growing headache. Also the hot chocolates can cure a fountain of ills and thats the reason you’re here.

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You’re probably waiting to meet a friend or eating lunch between lectures. You like to study in cafes but you’re easily distracted; you probably get your essays in minutes before the deadline, but you get above 15 every time.


Ooo, off the beaten track. You like to be individual and avoid the mainstream places for your coffee. You have a sweet tooth – those scones are just irresistible. And you probably study history as you love the aesthetic of 1940s Britain; probably think you were born in the wrong decade. Does it 'for the gram'.


You have a keepcup and a tote bag with you at all times. Often remind people oat milk is more sustainable and spend most of your time pursuing artistic interests or browsing Depop. Big fan of jewellery, headbands and hats.

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Cottage Kitchen

You’re always looking for an excuse to avoid responsibilities. You love the cosiness of the Cottage Kitchen and the lush food to take your mind off the tutorial reading you haven’t done for this afternoon.

Byre Cafe

You like to study in coffee shops to get out the house and you actually study when you’re there. That is, until the panto cast begin screaming the lyrics to somewhere over the rainbow before the matinee.

There you have it. Not all the coffee shops in St Andrews have been explored in this article, because I have a limited student overdraft, but hopefully you’ll now be able to gauge exactly what kind of guy your library boyfriend is from the coffee he drinks. Or that lecturer that you secretly fancy.