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On Saturdays we wear wellies: welly ball after party

Kinkell, as always, was like a Christmas card

This year's Welly Ball was a beautiful, instagram worthy heaven.

Welly Ball is so quintessentially St Andrews that other universities want to get in on the action. With around 2,000 guests, Kinkell was completely sold out. Pleas on Facebook for 'SOMEONE please sell me an AP ticket' were rife. It was a night to remember – although some people probably want to forget.

The barn of dreams, Kinkell Byre, looks absolutely stunning. For £29, which is spenny by any other standard than St Andrews, you got to revel in the limelight for 6 glorious hours.

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There was something about the rows of lights combined with the glow of people's Hunter Wellies which made the night feel like magic. Having done a quick go around before the event, it was also great to see so many charity shops sold out. Nice job at being ethical St Andrews.

The music was, as usual, excellent. In particular, DJ Ashton Squires was playing tune after tune. The dance floor was never empty, throughout the night, and this was testament to the seamless organisation of committee members. The dinner-dance transition was wonderful, and it was impressive quite how quickly things managed to shift.

The tunes of the night were the perfect level of 'omg what a classic' to new techno beats. It was a stand-out performance by all acts who played and it was nice to have music you can consistently dance to.

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The atmosphere was pretty electric and every single person at Kinkell looked like they were having a good time. The influx of Welly-related puns on instagram proves that this an event which puts St Andrews on the map.

A final mention must also go to the coat check staff, who were raising money for the university's Charities Campaign. Despite getting closed early, forced to deal with unbelievable queues, and a fair few disgruntled guests, they handled it like pros. It's a reminder that coat staff at events do volunteer to be there and it's important to remember that. Thanks to the Charities Campaign for yet again making sure we don't lose our stuff on the dance floor.

Image Credits: Vivid, a brand new photo company taking sick shots across St Andrews events. All photos can be found on the company's website, here.