St Andrews University has now released a statement about the mumps outbreak

They confirmed multiple cases over the last three months

A spokesperson for the University of St Andrews has advised students to get the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine after a number of confirmed cases of the virus have been reported by the NHS.

The plea echos the advice listed on the university's website calling for students to get the full MMR vaccination before.

Mumps outbreaks are not uncommon in universities, with around 220 suspected cases being reported at Nottingham universities earlier this year. The University of Edinburgh also posted a similar statement regarding an increase in 18-24 year olds reportedly contracting mumps less than a month ago.

Dona Milne, director of public health with NHS Fife, echoed the university's statement in an interview with The Courier, saying “The most effective way to protect against mumps is through MMR vaccination.”

Ms Milne also referred students to the NHS website for more information on the virus and it's symptoms, which include fertility issues for men and painful, swollen glands.

If you haven't had the full double dose of MMR vaccine, the NHS advises contacting your GP to avoid risks of catching mumps. You should also contact them if you suspect you have caught the virus.