Spooky! Halloween 2019: St Andrews’ Best Dressed

Everything from Frozone to Fleagbag

Students at the University of St Andrews outdid themselves this year this spooky season. Boasting a wide range of costumes, students brought to life British comic heroine Fleabag, Harrison Ford's iconic Indiana Jones as well as classics like Catwoman and Spiderman. Here are some of the best costumes in town:

'Ugh, as if!'

Flora Thin (18, German and IR) and Adya Khosla (19, English and Social Anthropology) channelled cult classics Cher and Dionne from Clueless

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Life imitating art

Callum Ewen (19, Medicine) incorporated his degree into his costume as a dead doctor

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'With great power comes great responsibility'

Maham Haq (21, Psychology), Krittika Sekhon (19, Psychology) and Rosie Nguyen (22, Psychology)

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Beth McHugh (19, Medieval History and Archaeology), Hope Irvine (20, Marine Biology), Ella Ackroyd (20, Marine Biology) and Johan Laurie (19, Biology) gave us a rendition of Cats The Musical with their costumes

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Roaring 20s

Emma Murray (19, Physics) offered a throwback to the 1920s with her Gatsby-inspired dress

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Cheer Squad

Dan Ross (20, History and Russian), Jono Mizrahi (19, History and Spanish) and Ben Laws (20, Sustainable Development) channelled cheerleaders this year

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'Hair is everything, Anthony!'

Tini Gabashvili (21, Psychology and Philosophy) emulated Britain's beloved comedic genius Fleabag, complete with a bleeding nose

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Indiemma Jones

Emma Sarantopoulos (18, Ancient History and Archaeology) put her archaeology degree to the test as action star and archaeologist Indiana Jones

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Frozone, Pacman and the Devil walk into a bar

Prince Chikoma (19, Computer Science), Matthew Ho (19, Management) and Anni Shah (19, Maths)

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'You're under arrest!'

Alex Ciardullo (21, Management) and Chloe Lamb (20, Marine Biology)

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Glow in the dark

Cheryl Ho (21, Medicine), Tala Musallam (21, Medicine) and Fadia BouDagher (21, Medicine) celebrated Tala's 21st Birthday with a very spooky party

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Latex and braids

Alsa Narisky (20, Psychology) and Tia Rekso Sosrodjojo (21, Psychology) celebrated this year's Halloween at the Union which unfortunately prematurely shut down due to a fire alarm

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