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CombiniCo is giving out free coffee all of next week

Plus it’s all vegan

This week CombiniCafe is offering free coffee between 8AM and 10AM all of this week, Monday to Friday. All you have to do is turn up and get coffee (FOR FREE). The free coffee is in honour of the launch of Combini's second St Andrews location.

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CREDIT: Cameron Prentice

The cafe is also completely vegan and uses 'exclusively' oat milk. All of the tea is shipped from Japan, so you can look super trendy while sipping your morning breakfast brew.

The cafe can be found on Market Street, opposite Sainsbury's. Plus, if free coffee wasn't enough, you can also get cheap eats there too. If you really want to save money bring your keep cup and you'll get money off their sandwiches and salads.

This is only on offer for this week, so get there ASAP. Find details on Facebook here.