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Here’s a roundup of the best events to go to this Freshers’ Week

Get ready for some serious dancing because it’s about to get LIT

Monday: Welly Ball Launch Party

Welly Ball is one of St Andrews' most iconic events; where else would you combine ball gown glam with your battered old welly boots? The WB committee is starting Freshers' Week off in style with a standard night out at the Vic. The event costs a fiver and is bring your own vessel – a great shout for those who want to get the good insta shots earlier in the week.

As a a bonus the event is also raising money for the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, so you know your money on the door is going towards a good cause. The night lasts from 10pm til 2, so you'll have plenty of time to grab your late night Dervish before heading to get your beauty sleep. The event details can be found here.

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Tuesday: Tristan Evans/BPM

Tuesday is usually a bleak spot in the turmoil of Freshers (don't forget to go to your advising appointments everyone). However, this year the Union has delivered all your teenage dreams by promising a Tristan Evans set. For those who don't know (or remember) Tristan is a member of The Vamps and is known for his blonde hair and dreamy cheekbones. Shout out to the Union for saving us on our worst day of the week.

For the cool kids amongst us, and those who remembered to get tickets, BPM is also on at The Vic, promising Funk, Disco and Feel-Good for those who got there in time. All times and deets here.

Wednesday: Sinners

Wednesdays in St Andrews can be summarised in one word: Sinners. For all the uninitiated, Sinners is the university-wide sports night which can often (always) get a bit messy. So, grab your teammates, whatever questionable gear they're making you wear and get ready for a late one. Pablos all around?

Thursday: Don't Walk Launch

Don't Walk is one of those events that you feel cool just talking about. Every year they choose a slightly vague theme which adds to the mystery. This year they're pioneering 'Atlas' and promising that 'another world is possible'. This other world consists of a night out on the Thursday of Freshers' Week. The event will be at The Vic, featuring Don't Walk favourites TrueBlue and Günter. Pre-sale tickets have sold out but you can still grab one on the day. Event details are here.

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Friday: Find a House Party

Friday is always one of those nights that's either the best or worst of your life. Friday is the night this year where all the non-freshers will have settled into their new flats/houses/mansions (looking at you Hepburn Gardens). There's always the Bop or the Vic but let's face it: you're tired out and want a change. So search Facebook events, say yes to that invite from the random person from your 2nd year Theology tute and get ready to warm some houses. Also, it's never too early to flat search so definitely get in there while you still can.

Saturday: Starfields

Starfields is always the jewel of Freshers. It's the last chance to, hopefully, enjoy St Andrews' summer weather and the ability to wear crop tops and shorts. This year is a big one, with the last headliner announced tomorrow, and FS are promising to deliver another classic festival night. There's usually tons of photo opportunities and photographers so get ready to get that ever elusive new profile pic. A big bonus is that FS are now trying to become sustainable, promising to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic cups. Legends.

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Sunday: St Andrews Night Live

For those who are well and truly partied out, St Andrews Night Live is the perfect end to Freshers. Featuring St Andrews best talent, the Union is putting on a variety performance of the best the town has to offer. Tickets are reasonable at £5 a go but the alternative is, obviously, sleeping off your shame in preparation for the hell that will be Monday 9AMs.