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Prince William to return to St. Andrews to do a Master’s Degree

He’ll be doing an MSc in Sustainable Development and Environmental Economics

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, known better to his pals in St. Andrews during his time here as 'Steve', and to those in Scotland as the Earl of Strathearn, is to return to St. Andrews next academic year to complete an MSc in Sustainable Development and Environmental Economics, in preparation for his taking over of the Duchy of Cornwall, when his father becomes King.

Wills has already completed a vocational agricultural management course at the University of Cambridge in 2014, and it looks like he's setting himself up properly for the massive undertaking of running the Duchy of Cornwall to the same stadard as his father Charles.

For many years, Prince Charles has been a champion of sustainability and the environment, supporting sustainably built homes and businesses. In May 2017, he was even awarded the GCC Global Leader for Change award for his contribution to global environmental preservation. He is said to be very keen to have his son understand more about the environment and the challenges we are facing globally with Climate Change, before taking on the Duchy itself.

It is not yet known why Wills has chosen to return to St. Andrews to undertake this next stage in his education, however there are few more naturally beautiful places in the UK to study the world around him, so that probably has something to do with it.

As the Earl of Strathearn, he knows this part of Scotland well, and as Balmoral isn't too far away, no doubt he'll be popping up to visit his granny inbetween his studies. It's not been made clear at this early stage, how he will fit in his studies around helping Kate care for their three young children, however we're sure he'll be able to manage the commute at the weekends when his coursework load isn't too heavy.

As one academic year rolls near an end, the potential sight of the Duke of Cambridge gossiping outside Pret, or buying rounds at the Union, might be one to keep next year an interesting one.

Now, before you get too excited, take a moment to check the date…