Gok Wan is headlining North Haugh ball

Did you know he was a DJ? Neither.

Honestly, never ever did I think I'd see the words "WE ARE DELIGHTED TO REVEAL THE NEXT ACT PERFORMING AT NORTH HAUGH BALL 2019: DIABLO IS… GOK WAN! (DJ Set)", posted in Class of St. Andrews' 2021. Yesterday, however, was that day.

The North Haugh Ball committee have confirmed via their Facebook page that Gok Wan (of 'How To Look Good Naked' fame) will be one of the main acts at this year's annual ball. Performing his "uplifting club beats", Gok will be taking the 22:20 – 23:15 slot on the evening.

According to his website, Gok is already a relatively successful DJ, and already has a residency at a club in Belfast.

Well, you learn something new every day.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this veritable British television icon, Gok Wan, evidently a man of many talents, is a stylist, television presenter, voice actor and now apparently DJ. He presented 'How To Look Good Naked' from 2006, as well as 'Gok's Clothes Roadshow' amongst many others. He also presented a Chinese cooking show on Channel 4.

It is not unusual for big names to be attracted to performing at the events in St. Andrews. Last year, Dont Walk managed to snag a performance from AJ Tracey, and notably last year ELAGA secured both Sigala and Rudimental (DJ) to perform, but the appearance of Channel 4's Gok Wan on the decks at the North Haugh Ball, might just actually be one of the more exciting things that's happened this year at St. Andrews.

And even if you don't think so, you can definitely agree it's one of the more bizarre.

Picture Credits: Garry Knight from London, England [CC BY-SA 2.0 (