Preview: FS 2019 – Origins

‘Less Sex, More Beauty’: We’ve been down to Lower College Lawn to give you a sneak peak into one of the hottest events in the St Andrews calendar.

Today, is the day, of one of St Andrews's most hotly anticipated events in the calendar: FS 2019. We talked: theme, creative and music and here is our sneak peak into the event.

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The stage from Corporate (Photo: Hettie Blampied)

We spoke to Hunter the Creative Director about the theme: Origins. The theme this year is something which is meant to go even further than last years' show, one that is ambitious and focuses on where we have come from and seeks to expose the new digital world. The theme of origins was born out of Hunter's initial ideas surrounding Foucault and what we mean by truth however it was refined, to the idea of origins, which is 'something to which everyone can relate'.

FS 2019 has run a highly cohesive, chronological and building set of videos to lead up to the final performance this evening. The fourth and final video will be shown at the start of the second half and this is something that all FS members we spoke to, were really excited for everyone to see. Hunter stressed that the final video in the series was meant to make the whole tent think, to be thought provoking and to expose the ever increasingly prominent role the digital world plays in people's lives.

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Chapter 4 Film preview (Photo: James Patrick Wearmouth)

"By all means drink, enjoy yourselves but I want everyone to remember the show and reflect on the message which is conveyed". – Hunter, Creative Director

The Music of FS2019 certainly breaks the traditional FS mould of pure house. Although very much based within House, Hip Hop and commercial tracks from The Weekend and Post Malone also make an appearance. Raj, the Music Director said that he wanted everyone who came, to have a bit of music they would like feature and also seemed excited for London House artist, KDA's appearance at the afterparty. Beyond this, there is a twist in the tail, with a special performance by Johnathan Quow, during the show, which does not disappoint: a very exciting and innovative move from FS and one, I am sure, will be loved.

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Rapper, Johnathan Quow mid performance (Photo: James Patrick Wearmouth)

Indigo, Head of PR, pointed out that this years' show follows the idea of 'Less Sex, More Beauty' with less of a focus on the generic Hollister model in tight underwear and more focus and emphasis on diversity.

I can't wait for the show, even from the preview, I know this is going to be one of the best events of the year. I think its going to be stunning and a night to remember, only time will tell but at least its not too long now…

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(Photo: Hettie Blampied)