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BREAKING: A huge fire has broken out on North Haugh

The fire broke out in the bio medical science building

Ambulances, fire engines and support teams from the area surrounding St. Andrews were called to North Haugh just after 5pm this evening as a large fire took hold of the third floor of the bio molecular science buildings.

According to reports from The Courier, as well as local policemen stationed at road barriers around the North Haugh area, there were not casualties however a significant number of ambulances were called to the scene.

A post on the 'St. Andrews Photo Corner' Facebook page seems to be the first social media alert of the fire, however since then numerous photos have cropped showing the dramatic developments of the fire.

The area has been cordoned off almost completely, and onlookers are being held behind a police barrier by the Medical School. It also appears that the surrounding buildings, including The Gateway Building have been evacuated.

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More reports to follow