The scoop on Eden Mill’s Blendworks and why you should go

You gin-uninely won’t regret it

Walking through the door to the Blendworks lab you're met immediately by the smell of wood and what seems like a hundred scents all hitting you at once in the most beautiful way possible.

Upon arriving you're immediately offered one of Eden Mill's signature gins to sip on whilst you’re given a whistle-stop tour through the millennium-long history of gin. After that, you have the opportunity to sample pure, unadulterated gin before being guided through tasting four more base gins: floral, sweet, citrus and spiced.

After that comes the real fun: you get to make your own gin blend! Smelling and mixing different flavoured gins into your own unique blend. You're also provided with a cheese sharing platter to give your taste buds a change of flavour (and who doesn't like cheese?).

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Spokesperson and experience leader for Blend works, Andrew Mundy, "For everyone doing the Blendworks Experience we just want to make sure you leave with an idea of what gin is all about; what kind of flavours you like in your gin and how you like to drink it – as well as your own wee personal bottle of gin! It's a magic (and very slightly alcoholic) way to spend a relaxed afternoon with your friends."

Some may say that the price tag of £95 is a little steep for students, and Blendworks agrees, which is why they've started offering a group deal of £360 for up to 12 people Sunday-Monday – perfect for parties, committee bonding experiences and friends who want to spend an chill afternoon together getting mildly tipsy. And the best bit (aside from taking home a bottle of your own perfectly blended gin to enjoy later) is the fact that you also get 20% off in store if you've taken part in the experience!

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Fair warning, you should definitely eat something before going as the amount of gin you "sample" during the experience isn't for the faint of heart. However, if you turn up prepared with a full stomach and a willingness to socialise and learn about this magical elixir then Blendworks is for you.

Interested in the Blendworks experience for your group or committee? Email [email protected] for more information.