Starfields 2018: Who wore it best?

Better late than never!

If you've been waiting on tenterhooks (and we know you have), for The Tab's Best Dressed from Starfields 2018, then you're in luck because the results are finally in.

From clashing prints, to classic festival attire, to straight up 'what the hell is that guy wearing', this year's go to event from Fresher's Week really did give it's all.

Morgan Curran, Third Year

A seductive pose, and a seductively unbuttoned shirt for our first 'best dressed'.

Jack Donnell, Jamie Meiklejohn and Herman Robertsen

Free the nipple???

Ben Scott and Alistair Gamble, Fourth and Third Year

"Do my sunglasses make me look less drunk?…Good"

Lauren Rae and Briony Sturgis, both Fourth Year

"Get me in too! We're supposed to be matching!"

Emma Glennon and Amanda McAfee, Fourth Year and Third Year

They might have been there for Concrete Catwalk, but they still made teh cut for our best dressed.

Richard de Rome, Second Year

This is the 'what the hell is that guy wearing?' we were talking about. He turned many a head that afternoon.

Tatiana Dickens, First Year.

It works. We're not sure how, but it works. (also what a name?!)

Lily McLarty and Isabelle Nguyen, First Year.

They might be 'Clueless' (get it) Freshers, but there's certainly nothing clueless about their fashion sense!

Sebastian Flame, First Year.

What is it with these Freshers and their names?