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St. Andrews places in Top 100 universities in the world

We remain in the Top 100, although drop four places

St. Andrews has retained it's place within the world top 100 universities, in the QS world rankings, placing 97th overall, and 19th within the UK.

The study was conducted based off factors such as staff and student ratios, number of international students and staff, as well as it's overall academic reputation.

Oxford and Cambridge retained top spots within the UK, with Imperial College London coming in a close third. Edinburgh came top amongst Scottish universities, placing 5th in the UK and 18th overall.

QS ranks the worlds top 1000 universities, which come from over 85 different countries.

Ben Sowter, Research Director at QS, said: “This year’s ranking cycle has demonstrated the enduring excellence of the United Kingdom higher education sector in the face of relentlessly competitive competition from abroad. Global research output is increasing apace, with the average institution producing 12.1% more publications and yielding 22.2% more citations than in the previous window. Keeping pace is one thing, but staying ahead of the curve is a testament to the innovation, insight, capacity for collaboration, and thought-leadership present at UK universities.”

However, Sowter goes on to say that universities in the UK are dropping in terms of staff to student ratios and increasingly high levels of lower contact hour degrees, which causes more scrutiny on the issue of whether or not students in the UK are getting value for money.

You can view the full rankings here