Student creates ‘Mass Suicide’ event on Facebook, and people aren’t happy

Someone invited to the event called it ‘fucked up’

A student has sent out 260 invitations to an event called 'Mass Suicide' on Facebook. In the location area of the event it just states 'the sea'. The event has no description, but appears to have a random selection of invitees – all known by the host.

The creator of the event has declined comment and we will not reveal their identity.

Currently 29 people are going, 14 say maybe and 247 other students have been invited.

Reactions to the event include calling it 'fucked up', while others have called it a 'joke'. One student compared the idea of mass suicide to having 'micropenises' and was called out by another student for being insensitive to those suffering through 'bad times'.

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One student argued that only the organiser should have to attend. However, the organiser replied 'This is America', which saw 'sad' reactions.

Only one comment, of the 29 attendees, has considered the event to be offensive. The rest are joining in with the 'joke', commenting about the date and time or about their other exams.

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At least one student has already reported the event for its insensitivity to those suffering with mental health problems. Another student spoke to us, they asked not to be named, about how they felt being invited to the page and stated 'mental health and suicide is no laughing matter and for those that have lost love ones to it, it is a wound that never truly heals, so to make such a throw away event like that is truly insulting and coupled with his previous behaviour he needs to be called out on it, and those that do similar things for that matter.'

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For someone to talk to, about any mental health concerns or worries, Samaritans can be contacted for free on 116 123 or the university Nightline is open 8pm-7AM each night of term time.