Things you’ll definitely know if you have lived in DRA

It’s all worth it for the double bed and en-suite.

No matter how you pour it, your kettle will always leak.

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Possibly the worst kettle in the world. Please note the pool of water surrounding it.

Nobody will have heard of Fife Park during the first two weeks of Freshers (if ever) – just say "DRA". Or DR-Far Away as people who think they are funny will say.

Every time you have a shower your bathroom will turn into a paddling pool for approximately an hour afterwards.

You know getting locked out of your room without your phone is the worst. You do not want to trek to DRA reception barefoot in your pyjamas during the cold St Andrews winter.

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The moment you realise you can't get in your building.

All of your pres will be timed around the night bus schedule.

The majority of your building group chat will be people trying to locate random packages.

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Where most "lost" packages can be found.

The wardens will know about Lindsay Lockdown and you'll most likely be there for approximately ten minutes before being kicked out.

Trekking back and forth to do your laundry takes up an entire afternoon – especially when more often than not 2/3 machines will be "out of order" and there's more than twenty minutes left on all of the others.

The 92 bus is the best thing ever – especially if you have a 9am (or if you're just feeling lazy).

The walk from Tesco to your flat will somehow double in length when you're carrying your weekly shopping. You will definitely overestimate your arm strength on more than one occasion.

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Trying to get this out when you're carrying three bags of shopping is an actually nightmare.

Even though the walk can be a pain sometimes, you appreciate the true value of a double bed and en-suite.

£6000 a year? Worth it.