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Breaking: The Union are getting rid of Pablos

It’s the end of the world as we know it

Bad news for sports clubs, drinking clubs and anyone who ever enters the union: our favourite uni drink is being taken off the Union menu.

Sadly, the Union is cracking down on spilt pints and the use of plastic glasses to the famous drink will be served no more. You may have already noticed the lack of straws on the bars in the Union and this is the next step in helping to save the planet (and the Union floor).

Pablos, as you well know, are only served in plastic glasses to prevent glasses smashing when people get drunk/excited or both.

No alternative university drink has been found yet but suggestions have been put in by members of the SRC. Replacements include a 'dark fruits' style cider or a shot made with blue curaçao, vodka and cranberry juice to represent our university colours.

If, like us, you wish to complain about this dramatic policy change, you can contact the Union or your hall committees directly. The only way to change this horrendous decision is to come together.


Check the date…Happy April Fools.