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Breaking: St Andrews has rejected the UUK offer to end strikes

This means that strikes will probably continue

The University of St Andrews has rejected the deal proposed by University UK (UUK) which would have led to an end to industrial action. Strikes have taken place over the last three weeks across a number of different departments in St Andrews.

The deal, which would have required members and employers to contribute higher contributions, has been rejected by university staff.

The official UCU St Andrews Twitter has made it clear that they will 'reject the USS deal' and do not want to give into demands which could see lecturers lose up to £10,000 from their pensions. They have said there will be 'no capitulation' in responding to pressure from UUK.

There is no official announcement yet on whether official strike action will continue, but it is expected that some industrial action may be announced.

The UCU page has shared, in solidarity with other groups, the list of other universities which have also rejected the deal.

The UCU group have continued to organise alternative lectures and protests to help combat students missing lectures. The picket lines have, and will continue to be joined, been taking place this week outside certain university locations like the Buchanan Building, the History Department and the English building.