These are the people protesting to support the university strikes and here’s what they have to say

Students marched today in support of the lecturers

This morning, students and lecturers came out in droves – and dribbles- to stand in solidarity with those striking with the university college union (UCU)

This student protester made her iconic sign for the march, complete with the burning image of DRA – probably too far away for a fire to find it though

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This is a mixture of students and lecturers; all of whom turned out to picket the history department

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Medieval history managed to convince one post-doc graduate to stand in solidarity and not enter into the building

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These students joined the protest last minute, after they were moved with what their tutor had told them – and thought what they're paying (and what for) is 'ridiculous'

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This group of protesters gathered with other marchers to walk through town from College Gate

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This student has obviously read 1984 a million times and realised it had a purpose in sign-building

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There was also the most important turn out of all: strike doggo outside English

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