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Lecturer strike officially ‘likely to go ahead’

Departments have opened up office hours for those concerned about the strikes

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The University of St Andrews has just sent official information regarding the proposed strike action. This information comes just three weeks before the proposed strike – which may disrupt student life for two weeks. This will first come in week four, a time of deadlines and dissertation writing.

This is the first official notice students have received, with official dates not yet sent by the university to students. This has left many students concerned with what will happen with final exams, dissertation meetings and office hours in the face of deadlines.

The email from the English department states that the strike "now looks very likely" and "UCU members will go on strike for 14 days over February and March". This is expected to cause "significant disruption" to students, who have been asked to make their concerns known during the office hours.

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Departments have sent emails regarding representatives opening office hours to discuss the strike. The English department has opened seven hours of discussion with a representative, for students and staff alike to discuss the concerns about the pending industrial action.

However, the university has not yet sent an extensive statement regarding plans for students; it is still up in the air as to which lectures will actually go ahead. Information can be found by emailing your departmental representative, although it is possible that more information will be sent next week.