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Mermaids Christmas Ball: In Review

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Easily one of the most anticipated events of the year, the Mermaids Christmas Ball came back in style this year, with the committee inviting us to experience what Christmas in the city that never sleeps, is really like.

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Organised as ever, the evening began with a pre-event in the Union, courtesy of the Just So Society, complete with festive music and decorations before boarding the busses and arriving at Kinkell Byre. The entrance to Kinkell was adorned with handmade playbills of various New York musicals, complete with free prosecco and chocolate fountains on entry.

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It was clear the level of planning, commitment, time and energy that had gone into making the vast space of Kinkell feel christmassy and intimate, christmas trees hung from the ceiling, well- known New York street signs were scattered around the bar area, 'snow' fell from the ceilings of the marquee (it was cotton wool, but the effect was the same).

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The marquee, with a vast number of very conveniently placed tables and chairs for those tired feet, with a cocktail bar selling a selection of Eden Mill Gin cocktails and other New York style drinks. The bar as a whole, although mildly overpriced, was not anything hugely different from your average Kinkell bar, although for some reason it felt far quieter and less full than usual. Whether this was my own personal stroke of luck, or down to the impeccable organisation skills of the committee is unclear.

The music, although lacking somewhat on the Christmas music for my liking (although I will admit that five hours of Mariah Carey and The Pogues may have been too much), was full of crowd- pleasing hits one after another.

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Image courtesy of Lightbox St. Andrews

The only niggle, for me, would be the somewhat overzealous bouncers, appearing to remove people from the premises at a rate more alarming than those at the Union. This did not, however detract from the overall feeling and ambience of the night.

All in all, The Mermaids Christmas Ball 2017, was as successful as ever. Despite a few small oversights, one cannot fault the organisation, decorations and theme. The bells really were ringing out for Christmas Day…