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Multiple break ins have been reported in student houses

Police have advised people to keep their back doors locked

Over the last week, several home intrusions and stolen devices have been reported to Scottish police. Whilst students have directly gone to the police, they have also made others aware by posting on St Andrews 'lost and found' Facebook page. Stolen items mostly include cash.

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Reports include instances of break-ins, with people entering specifically targeting cash. There have also been reports of students seeing individuals breaking into their student lets. This has usually been either very early to mid morning, between 1AM-5AM. A number of students have admitted that their back doors and windows have been left open, and police Scotland have advised that this should not take place.

One student spoke of her horrifying ordeal of waking up and seeing someone inside their house, with phones used as torches in order to see their valuables. It is possible that the thieves are hoping to be as quick as possible in their intrusions, as no other valuables were taken when they were seen.

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Police Scotland, through their Fife Division, released a public statement regarding this spate of robberies. Students are urged to be careful with their belongings and always ensure that any entry into their home is fully secured.

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Some discussion has also been noted of lost items in study spaces. It is expected that there may be a future warning given to St Andrews students, particularly given the accused theft in spaces populated by university members. There are CCTV cameras throughout all study spaces in the university, except in some areas of departmental buildings, so all thefts should be reported to the university's security and IT teams.

Anyone concerned about their safety are advised to go on the Police Scotland website, or call 101. Always ring 999 if it is a genuine emergency.

Stay safe, all.