Fudge donuts are more expensive than ever and, frankly, I donut approve

This is a hole-y shocking event

Earlier in the month, the price of a Fisher and Donaldson fudge donut increased from £1.39 to £1.46. Despite this delicacy being just that – a treat from time-to-time in periods of great stress – I could't help but feel a little dismayed at the fact that I now have to pay 7p more for this glorious blob of fudge/custard-y goodness.

According to a quick Google search, there was a time in which the town's most prized pastry was sold for as little as 98p, £1.06, and £1.20.

Obviously, I dough understand that businesses have to alter their prices in accordance to the current inflation rates in the country, but to do so in November, right before exams? Now that really is the (fudge) icing on the cake.

Out of curiosity, I went and asked some fellow students their opinions on this as I felt my opinions didn't even glaze the surface of this incredibly important discovery. Surprisingly, their opinions were somewhat mixed:

From the angry:

"What the actual fuck?"

"It's outrageous"

To the reasonable:

"7p is not that much. As a student with limited funds I would still pay £1.46 for the donut"

"I think a 7p increase is reasonable given the rate of inflation and the price of donuts elsewhere in St Andrews"

To this guy, who doesn't even know what he's missing out on:

"I have never bought a fudge donut in seven years so it doesn't really bother me"

So, maybe this isn't *such* a bad thing?

As Homer Simpson once said: "I have a great new motivation technique, it is donuts, and the possibility of more donuts", which is true, and something I am sure many other students can feel on a spiritual level. And I'm sure that, in reality, we won't stop buying this little blob of doughy, custardy goodness in times of great need as we prepare for the craziest month of the semester.