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The library is giving out free blankets to cold students

This is not a drill

Ever been sitting in the library, feeling the cold from outside shake your bones? Have no fear library hermits, as apparently the library blog has taken notice.

The library has announced that it will begin handing out blankets from this week, although they do ask that they be returned. The library got the idea from a student who submitted it via the library suggestions box. We have never seen a suggestion to clearly implemented before, so it's good to know that it's listened to the people of St Andrews.

The bad news is that the increase in blanket use probably won't affected the number of seats available, but at least it will make sitting on the top floor less drafty.

This has yet to be confirmed but the blankets themselves resemble the Ikea (or off brand) that your mum gave you to put at the end of your bed in Freshers.

The full story can be found on the library blog page.

The library has not commented on how often these blankets will be washed, but with exam season coming up, we hope this will be frequently.