Why St Andrews is the worst place in the world

I mean, just look at this dump

Aside from coming to study, there really is no reason to come to St Andrews at all.

There's no space to go outside and breathe

Silken Bridge, St Andrews. #scotland #golf #holeinmyjeans #golfheaven #standrews #sport #picture #fore #play #instashop

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And when you do go outside, it's mostly just old, crumbling buildings anyway…

Just #standrews ?

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I mean, it's just falling to pieces

St Andrews Cathedral #standrewscathedral #cathedral #standrews #unitedkingdom #scotland #greatbritain

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There's literally nothing to do

Before I threw fries everywhere & then bit Rachy on the arm ??#mayball

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It's so boring here

There is really nothing special about this place

And everyone wears funny clothes

There are weird rituals designed to make you dirty

Our photos from the foam fight are now up! Can you recognise yourself? ? @harrygunningphotography

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And then make you clean again

But I guess when it's not raining, this place is pretty damn fine and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world!