We may have lost varsity, but St Andrews will always beat Edinburgh

…and not just in university rankings

Despite losing this year's rugby Varsity match, St Andrews still comes out on top against its oldest rival. We may not be as good at getting a try, but we sure know how to throw a party.

Our nightlife is iconic

You may have The Liquid Room, but we have the Union. What's the point of a Friday night if it's not filled with friends, cheesy tunes and chips to finish the night. The beauty of St Andrews' nightlife is in its simplicity, banging house-parties and honesty about what to expect. Can you even get a pablo in Edinburgh, I think not?

Balls, balls, balls

The benefit of not having of not having clubs with sticky floors, is getting amazing events where we get to dress up. Pass the champagne?

The scenery is second to none

Whenever you feel sad in St Andrews, you go outside and are surrounded by the sea, history and an unmistakable feeling of home. Edinburgh may have the city vibe, but it's hard to feel lonely in a town with only three seats. Plus, having a few beaches is very easy on the eyes.

Saints and sinners

Another great feature of our illustrious university – and maybe why we lost varsity – is that our sports teams are usually open to all. This has created a free environment, where even those of us who are unfit, asthmatic and generally un-sporty can still go to every sport's night of the year.



It's easy to find someone

In a town with three streets, if you're every looking for someone, it's a simple 'meet in the library in 10 minutes, yeah?'. In a town as big as Edinburgh, how quickly could you actually discuss the drama from the night before?

We are the home of fashion

FS, Don't Walk, and Catwalk – all fine examples of how we own the university fashion show. Edinburgh uni may pretend to have the edge, but we've had the Duchess of Cambridge model for us – can't get much better than royalty really.

Everything is super close

You can get from one side of town to another, walking, in 40 minutes. Got a 10AM? 9.30AM alarm it is. Try doing that in Edinburgh after you've moved out of halls…