Starfields 2017: In Review

Starfields returns and is better than ever

There are very few things quite as exhilarating as a music festival, but if I had to try and name something that was, it would be the feeling of thousands of students bustling and shoving each other on Lower College Lawn, all for drinks, food and a place in the prime position at the front for the very best view.

Starfields 2017, most certainly did not disappoint, with the event being packed from start to finish, with Visen, Route 94 and Bondax kicking off the night before the headline act, Disciples took to the stage.

As their final encore of 'On my mind' played, crowds began to spill out into the streets of St. Andrews, covered in glitter, grass and ecstatically happy, the night ended and students stumbled off to the union, a house party, or more likely, into bed.

One addition which was sorely missed this year, would be the photo-booth in a taxi which proved so popular last year, that students would wait in long queues to have their photo taken. In the place of last years novelty, this year the addition of a ball pit was made, with something so simple delighting thousands of almost- adults to no end.

Starfield's merchandise, a new feature of the event this year, proved popular, with designs on the tops and bags done by Italian designer Costantino Pamphili, something which will hopefully have proved a money-maker for the organisers, St. Andrews Charity Fashion Show.

The success of this years Starfields, will hopefully have been a major confidence boost for the organisers, after the stress and panic after the cancellation of FS back in February, and if yesterday is anything to go by, it should not be one to disappoint.