Things I’ve actually heard St Andrews students say

‘Should I get one champagne bottle or two?’

It's the end of Freshers' Week, so even the uninitiated, the newbies and the new postgrads will have picked up some of the St Andrews lingo. I've catalogued some of our best 'overheard' phrases and put them here, for your enjoyment (or horror) at the outrageous town we call home.

The Union

"I just don't know where to hang my second Barbour, my wardrobe is so small."

"My rent is really cheap, it's only £600 a month for my room – even though it's a bit small."

"I have to go the library at 7AM so I can get a seat, but I'll probably just leave my stuff there so no-one else can take it."

"Let's go to the religious society stalls as they have free food."

House Parties (that got shut down before 11pm)

"I swear every boy I've met is named Harry, John or Will."

"I can't believe someone left a full bottle of Champagne open, I'm just going to have some."

"Union or Vic? I went to the Union yesterday but you can never go too much really."



Market Street

"Piers, get up Piers. Right for fucks sake Piers, I'm so done with you Piers."

"It's so annoying because I can't go to Tesco at three because he will be there, god it's impossible to avoid people!"

"Should I get the polo jacket or not?"


"Should I get one champagne bottle or two?"

"Do you think Aldi gin will be safe to drink?"

"I can't believe how cheap the reduced stuff gets."

"All I've eaten today is a Pret sandwich and a coffee."

"Anything frozen is gross food, chicken and salmon is middle class."