This is what happened when a St Andrews boy hacked his mate’s Tinder account

Moral: Don’t let your friends touch your tinder account

One former St Andrews’ student had the bright idea to take over his mate Tom’s Tinder account, and some of the results were absolutely golden.

This is what the genius behind the account, Christy White-Spunner, has to say about it:

“Whenever I would hang out with my friend Tom I’d find it funny to go on his Tinder and freak out girls. I’m a good friend like that. He started sending me screenshots of replies and I started posting them on my Instagram because they made me lol. People seemed to enjoy them so he gave me his log in details and now I’ve moved in fully, ever lying in wait of matches. The trick is to write a message that is weird enough to be funny, but not so weird that they’re too freaked out to reply, so you can coax them into a conversation before totally betraying their trust with a screenshot.”

Here are some of the best bits, find all the rest at @hackingtomstinder on Instagram


Ah, yes. That tried and tested pick-up line

Nice one


This girl who clearly just doesn’t care

How heartless of you Issy


Sandra, ffs at least call 999

Sandra you have a heart of stone


I know what you’re thinking…

To be honest that wasn’t what we were thinking


Tova? why didn’t you reply?

Maybe she just doesn’t like Harry Potter


I think we got a bad boy on our hands

Nice and forward. Just how we like them


That escalated quickly

Yes. What the fuck is wrong with you


What a happy coincidence

You sure it’s the same Molly?


Classic millennials

Chemical castration not a bit far?


God Cleo

Just go home!


And finally!