St Andrews Charity Fashion Show is back on

FS is back and better than ever this Valentine’s Day

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The Fashion Show committee has just announced that FS 2017 will be returning to St Andrews. On Saturday, the event was cancelled to the dismay and devastation of organisers and attendees. However, the committee has obviously rallied together and the event will now be taking place on Tuesday 14th February on Lower College Lawn.

FS released a teary, if blindingly promotional, video about the cancellation which announced the new event date. The Tab is pleased to give a preview of the goodie bags which were given to all full-price ticket payers. The overall selection is more than a little sad – with PwC far more the main promoter than Fendi. More exciting is the promised PwC led snapchat feature. Nothing sounds like ‘lit night’ more than a professional services company.

Obviously, of the most notable value, was the novelty condom which urges attendees to F*** safe. The good news is, that with the event taking place on Valentine’s Day, all you lonely (or not lonely but don’t show off about it) singles will be sure to find a use for the cringeworthy giveaway.

Refunds and ticket upgrades are also available if you feel like forking out an extra £20 on the already extortionate £70 ticket price. However, FS is known for being THE St Andrews event to attend and we wish the organisers all the best in organising what looks to be the most dramatic FS of recent years (and that includes Kate Middleton wearing that awkward see-through sash thing).

So, if you fancy viewing the awkward cancellation video, featuring dramatic music and St Andrews’ posh, dulcet tones, it can be found on FS official Facebook page here: